Interview du boss de JapanProFishing

Bonjour à tous,

Voici une boutique que beaucoup d’entre nous connaisse. Je ne suis pas partisan de tout acheter sur internet, mais parfois les économies sont telles que notre détaillant locale ne peux pas nous en vouloir.

Voici donc pour faire un peu connaissance avec la boutique japonaise JPF:

Hello Laurent

How are you today?

Unfortunately we do not have picture of our store
Our store name is not Japan Pro Fishing and we keep online shop as different business.
But here we have actual store. just want you to know that

My store is specialized for freshwater fishing
We carry big amount of fresh water product and small amount of saltwater product
However we can order most of reels and rods as long as items are available at supplier or maker.
My business partner is very good bass fishing
He fishes local tournament and win many times against pro anglers
I like bass fishing but I spent more time for sea bass in Tokyo Bay in past 5 years.
(unfortunately due to hard work schedule, I do not have much time for fishing nowadays)
Best selling sea bass lure is Vision 110SW, X-80SW, B’Freeze 78S in Tokyo Bay.
My friends and I never go fishing without these lures.

If products have problem, we can replace to new one after receiving defected product.
Problem must be reported us within 5 days of arrival.
So customers must check product as soon as they received.
We have the same policy for Japanese customers who purchase at actual store.

Why safe to buy from Japan?
I have good answer for this
Most of customers make payment by PAYPAL
PAYPAL is 100% protected buyer in case they don’t receive order and there is problem.
They guarantee the money so customers has nothing to worried about losing.
Also we ship order by EMS or FedEx
Both shipments has online tracking number that customers can check shipping information 24 hours.
Even shipment is lost, we can claim refund to EMS and FedEx insurance.
Only one problem, if customer ask to write low price on package, insurance is only cover maximum to the price written on package.
French customers can save money on tax but they have to assume risk of insurance policy.
But I know EMS and FedEx is very safe.

About XLAYER, a lot of customers have been asking me about it
But unfortunately Megabass does not have production date
They haven’t made XLAYER over 1 year already

Have a nice day


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